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    Swadesh IT is one of the fast growing software developing companies in the country. We offer ‘Total IT Solution’ for automating business, non-business organizations and provide technical support, consultancy, IT training, etc. Since its establishment, ‘Swadesh Information Technology’ has successfully developed, installed and implemented customized software for its clients with elaborate and efficient training, and ensured adequate after sales support for its clients ease. 

    People call us IT Expert, because:

    • Be Creative and Open-Minded
    • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
    • Do More With Less
    • Be Passionate and Determined
    • Be Humble
    • Keep promises

    Why Swadesh IT? 

    • Industry Expertise
    • Tech Expertise
    • World Class Team
    • Quality Assurance
    • Customer Care

    Users of information technology today demand software applications that are comprehensive, reliable, responsive, and cost-effective. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information automation while minimizing its total cost of ownership. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business domains, Swadesh IT services that include Custom Application Development, Smart Software Development, Integrated Solutions, Product Engineering & consultancy. We realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought, and we believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention. 

    We address these changing needs of your business with solutions that are not only cost-effective but also fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable. Our Clients have consistently discovered the unbeatable combination of the highest Quality services with the definite bottom-line benefits of outsourcing. All our project expertise are vendor certified and well trained, which has made us unique in the way that we can deliver first world quality for a third world price. 

  • Mission & Vision: IT for All

    • To shake up the software business by providing truly affordable, powerful tools that previously belonged solely to the the Fortune 500s to smaller organizations.
    • Our number one priority is to help our customers’ businesses grow and flourish.
    • We use our extensive industry know-how, expertise and experience to guide our customers through the maze of technology, helping them to avoid the minefields.
    • We are not driven by shareholder value but simply… customer satisfaction.
    • We believe in integrity. We live it. We strive to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ business objectives.
    • To maintain the leading software solution provider ensuring benefit of customers, shareholders and employees
    • Developing, disseminating and exploiting the remarkable experience, expertise and knowledge of all of our people
    • Developing a distinctive competence in process development and project management


    • We want to be a world-standard solution provider of adaptable and scalable enterprise solutions in the national and international market.
    • We want to create and provide “Next Generation Enterprise Solution” that enhances the competitive capabilities and value proposition of our customers by leveraging new technologies and expanding global connectivity with Oracle Apex technology.
    • To provide cloud based solution that will ensure high available system, strong data security (in 3 geo-graphical location backup), and hassle-free management.

  • Skill Matrix:

    • Database
      • Oracle
      • MySQL
      • MS SQL Server
      • MS Access
    • Development Tools
      • Oracle Form Builder
      • Visual Basic
      • Visual .NET
      • PHP
      • JavaScript
      • Ajax
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • jQuery
    • Reporting Tools
      • Oracle Report Builder
      • Oracle Graphics Builder
      • Crystal Report
      • HTML Reports
    • Complete Development Tools
      • Oracle Application Express (APEX)


  • Our Software Strength

    • Latest Technology: We use latest and modern technology “Oracle Developer Suite and Apex” which are RAD - Rapid application development technology that empower us to deliver high quality software with in shortest time.
    • Interactive Dynamic Reports: Inbuilt interactive reporting facility enable end user to generate thousands of reports with dynamic filtering option as much as user want.
    • Meet Generation Demand: Apex has generation demand facilities with high-available, scalable, Secured, Any device access, zero data loss, mission critical solution, high volume data, Smart looking, easy navigation, Rich Enterprise Application (REA), Rapid Application Development (RAD)
    • No compromise on quality: SWADESH believes in long lasting alliance with its clients. We never compromise with the quality of our products. Our aim is to deliver cutting-edge topnotch products having the footprint of innovation and freshness. We not only help to grow our clients but also discover new things, which seal our future. Our Quality Assurance team makes sure the product quality and its competitiveness in current market. SWADESH strongly believes in client satisfaction derived from the outcome of their quality products.
    • Understand your business goals: The most important aspect of software development is to understand the exact points of client's business requirements. SWADESH specializes in Business Analysis. Our exclusive business analyst team is majored in delivering some state of the art products with innovative technology. We continuously research on our projects and clarify all the requirements from client. After freezing all the deliverables/requirements, we start developing the project.
    • Confidentiality: SWADESH does not own any of client’s intellectual property rights. Furthermore, your business idea, data, and other key information are kept confidential. Our employee contracts and induction are compatible with our promise of confidentiality and loyalty.
    • Deliver what promised: We are devoted to earn client satisfaction with our work. SWADESH passionately delivers all the materials stated in the requirements by the clients according to agreement. We never say a project complete until a client provides us his gracious feedback.
    • Report & Monitoring: All reports can be sent to email. Top management or owner can access summery report for monitor business status from remotely using mobile or TAB devices.

  • Our Software Technical Features

    1. We are dedicated to work with only Oracle Tools like Developer Suite & Apex on Oracle Cloud Environment that is cost effective, scale able, secured and high available. We can also provide on premise solution that will be install in client’s server in local or Oracle Cloud Server
    2. Technology: World best & secured Oracle Database and Oracle Tools has capability to develop mission critical solution
    3. High Availability: Hosted in "Oracle Cloud" environment, which is highly secured, 99.96% uptime. Processing power and space capacity are scale able on demand
    4. Data Backup: 3 continent base data backup, no way to lost data. User can download your all business data in local computer in different format
    5. Access Facility: Application and data are accessible from any devices like- Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, PC in any OS via Intranet (LAN), Internet
    6. Deployment: Platform independent possible to implement in all OS (Operating System, Windows or Linux)
    7. Security: Apex's inbuilt mechanism manages all security concern that protects any hacking and ensures cyber security. SSL Certificate secures applications with the highest strength encryption. So that user can operate transaction safely and protect data hacking
    8. Looking & Navigation: Smart looking, user friendly and easy navigation facility. Responsive and suitable for all devices as REA (Rich Enterprise Application)
    9. Data Access Authorization: Business data will be 100% secured, Standard Data Center security will be provided, User/Role base secured access control will restrict sensitive data access. Data access control will be managed by business admin
    10. Performance: It is fast ajax based technology and scalable for high user volumes
    11. Reporting & Data Export: Self-customized dynamic report generation facility that enable lightweight Business Intelligence (BI). Multi format report generation with export facility like pdf, xls, html, rtf, chart etc.
    12. Language: Fully Unicode supported, can be used with any language
    13. Communication: Integrated SMS and Email facility

  • Our Working Sector

    • Corporate Company
    • Educational Institute
    • Garments
    • Accessories Company
    • Restaurant
    • Publication (Press)
    • Trading Business Company
    • Indenting Firm
    • Supper Shop
    • Others (On Demand Distributed Application Development)

  • The Team

    The unwritten creed at Swadesh IT is that a job is nothing but the exploration of boundaries and beyond. We have had experience with a variety of solutions using up-to-the-minute technologies available. We pull out all the stops, sometimes stretching beyond what was thought possible to reach for the most effective solution tailored to suit a client’s business strategy. Our record of customer service is unblemished, with the sacred mantra of complete customer satisfaction at the core of every project. Such a record is possible in a company only by the efforts of its team - people who are committed to achieve excellence in their respective fields. At Swadesh IT we have built a culture that attracts exceptionally talented people; People who thrive on and have an intense passion for understanding and solving implementation problems for our customers. These expert minds mirror a team with high intellectual capacity and capability to deliver.


    • Mohammad Misbah Uddin, M.Sc (Physics), SUST, Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development, DCA, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

    System Analyst: 

    1. Mohammad Misbah Uddin, M.Sc (Physics), SUST, Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development, DCA, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
    2. Kazi Zillur Rahman, MBA in IT, EWU, Consultant, Bangladesh eGovernment ERP, Financial Specialist

    Analyst Programmer / Programmer:

    1. Nasiruddin, Analyst Programmer  [M.A, RU, Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)]
    2. Mukul Ahmed [M.A, Dhaka College, NU, Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development and Oracle Apex, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)]
    3. Md. Mahmud Hasan [Degree (ITE), DIU, Oracle Developer]
    4. Md. Fazlur Rahman [M.S.S, (Development Studies), DU, Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development and Oracle Apex, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)]
    5. Shamim Ahmed [Masters, NU (Finance & Banking), Diploma in Oracle Database Design & Development and Oracle Apex, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)]
    6. Md. Sabbir Hossain [B.Sc in CSE, State University of Bangladesh]
    7. Abu Bakar Siddique [B.Sc in CSE, State University of Bangladesh]
    8. Md. Tusher Ahmed [B.Sc in EEE, Deffodil International University]
    9. Md. Sujan Miah [M.A in Philosophy, Dhaka University]
    10. Md. Abu Bakar Siddique [B.Sc in CSE, National University]

    System Administrator:



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